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Mis SnowPigs

So, some time during the night last night Watta had her babies~. She had six, so considering that the norm for guinea pigs is 2 or 3... Yeah.

Now I have a big pile of SnowPig. And I want help naming them all! So. I'm going to post pictures of each of the six, and you can say what you think each one should be named... But! There has to be a NabeSho, Sanapi, Nokkun/Nonchan (that will be decided once I figure out whether that one is a boy or a girl), and a Fukka. The other two are up to you guys. xD

Now named with help from mousapelli !

UPDATE: As of right now, I'm pretty sure they're all girls =O. I'm going to check again once they're older, but yeah.

This one is one of the calmer ones. Didn't move around too much~.
Fukka! Most definitely a girl.

This one moves around a lot. It was hard to get her to stay still enough for  a picture. xD
Sanapig! -gasp- A guy...? Maybe...

This one moves around, but in more of a curious way than in a spazzy way.
Nonchan! Definitely a girl!

This one is the biggest of the 6. Seems to be a bit of a bully (?) and likes to hog all of the milk.
Miyadate (Datte? I may just call it that.) Possibly a boy...?

This one's pretty small. Sort of like milk chocolate-brown with lots of random red, also moves around quite a bit.
NabeSho! Also a girl~!

The runt of the group. This one is calm and seems to like to cuddle, whether it's Watta or the other SnowPigs or me. xD
Sakuma! Definitely a girl!


Jun. 23rd, 2010 02:17 pm (UTC)
I sort of was... I was asleep? And the cage is by my bed? XDDD I wanted to watch...